How Yoga changed my life and Myga Yoga picks

A really honest post...

A couple of years ago, I was going through a tough time. Relationships, work and life in general was taking it’s toll on me. I’d really began struggling to cope day to day and found myself in the most negative headspace I’d ever been in. 

“Super Flexible?”
A couple of people had suggested yoga to me and it’d been on my mind. I was under the illusion that Yoga was for athletic, super flexible people. 
I learnt for myself; Yoga is for everyone.  
Eventually, I figured I had nothing to lose. I went to my local hot yoga studio accompanied by my best friend. We giggled and shot glances at eachother across the room during the class. But it left me wanting to learn more. 

Eventually I started going alone once every week and gradually built up to a class other day. It became my own little corner of peace in the world and I fell inlove with yoga practice. I learnt how to just be and free my mind. 

No Judgment 
Yoga means to unite. And that’s exactly what I experienced for the first time. A union between my breath and body, and the mind with my spiritual self. 
When you practice, nobody judges your balance or intermediate level. You learn to let go of judgment towards yourself and your body. It’s about doing what feels good for your body. 

During lockdown, the hot yoga studio I would visit weekly has sadly closed. Although I’ve been going for walks, doing exercise throughout lockdown it just doesn’t feel the same as a gentle Yoga flow. 

In order to make my practice at home as comfortable and grounding as possible, I’ve picked up some new pieces from Myga, an eco lifestyle brand. They have a store in Birmingham city centre and are also available online here

Clothes that move with you during a practice are super important, whether it’s a slow flow or a more intensive Vinyasa flow. 

Indian Red Myga High Waist 7/8 Yoga Leggings | £39.99 | Find them here 
I mean these are definitely a step up from my usual yoga pants. These leggings provide comfort and stretch with your body. No matter what position I get into, these don’t move. They really grip my figure and flatter me in all the right areas (insert peach emoji!)

When I’ve finished a workout, I’m comfortable enough to leave the house in them, to head to the shops or to grab a coffee with a friend.

Indian Red Myga Yoga Tie Tank | £29.99 | Find it here 
The vest that matches the leggings perfectly! This can be tied during practice to provide more security as you flow or worn loose. 

I noticed that even when I worked up a bit of a sweat, it dried really quickly and didn’t leave unsightly patches. 

“Allign those chakras!”

Chakra Luxurious Vegan Suede Yoga Mat | £69.99 | Find it here  
I actually picked this up when Myga had a little concession stand in Birmingham before the store opened. As soon as I saw it I was wowed and thought how much nicer my practice could be. The mat I had wasn’t a fantastic material and in turn would actually make me slip during hot yoga! That isn’t what you want during downward dog guys.

The anti-slip function of this mat is activated when the surface is wet. So the more sweat, the better! Alternatively you can just give it a spray with water to activate. 
I’ve also got the matching water bottle because you know, I’m fancy like that.

The Myga store, Birmingham

Whether you’re an advanced yogi, starting out or want to try something new, I can’t recommend yoga enough. It changed my mindset and made me aware of the present moment. 

The careers we choose all contain an element of stress. The things we see everyday and the situations we deal with affect us every single day more than we realise. 

I need Yoga to give me balance. To realise what’s important, to breathe and to be present. 
To be me without expectations.

Namaste 🙏🏼 

*some items have been gifted to me but all views are my own* | AD 

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