Olivia Burton Dream Garden Event & Store Opening

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If you follow me on social media, you may know that last week I was invited to Covent Garden to celebrate the opening of the very first Olivia Burton store and also to take a stroll through their pop-up Dream Garden. It was the most wonderful event I have ever had the pleasure of attending, the company was superb and the surroundings were exquisite. Let's dive in... 

The new Celestial collection is everything I'm crazy for! Cosmic stars and beautiful skies.

Situated just outside the new flagship store was the Olivia Burton Dream Garden, a place where dreams really have came true. I took a dreamy stroll through the Dream Garden and discovered more about the brand history, saw how their designs started and even had a 3D photograph taken against one of many stunning backdrops. Every corner I turned, I was simply wowed by how beautiful it all was. The effort that has been poured into the store and the garden is visible from every angle. It was inspiring to discover the journey of how the founders Jemma and Lesa created the brand through a love of design and friendship. 

What a beautiful space it was, I even picked my very own flower from the Olivia Burton Garden. 
The store has an upstairs and a downstairs and is so light and pretty, you cannot resist taking snaps every time you turn a corner. Everything is very clean, floral and beautiful, the sort of aesthatic I would like for my wedding day! 
The effort and time that had been spent on the store opening was phenomenal and it fits perfectly into the other surrounding stores in the beautiful space of Covent Garden. 

 The watch on the left is the very first watch Jane (Head Of Creative for Olivia Burton) designed!

Beautiful vegan and gluten free food was served with love from Kalm Kitchen Ltd. The cocktails filled with bubbles and gin were also delicious!

Here is Jane customising my beautiful Huggies!

Jane is Head of Creative for the brand and all-round girl boss! I have spoken with Jane for some time via social media so it was so exciting to finally meet her and she made the evening so special for me. She has such a warm aura, it was wonderful to spend time with her and talk about our mutual passions! I definitely think we will be seeing more of each other in the future for catch ups and yummy lunch.

Olivia Burton is a brand I have loved for many years and I recall several years ago, emailing them to ask if they sold vegan straps. At this point they didn't, but as soon as they started to create vegan watches I made several purchases and became besotted by their designs and ethos. Now the brand cater for a wide market selling both leather and vegan straps for their stunning watches but also selling necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings. 
 You can imagine my sheer excitement when I was able to choose a watch, earrings and a necklace from the new store. The watch I opted for was Mother of Pearl white bracelet watch which needed a few links removed that they kindly fixed for me there and then. Sticking with the silver theme, I chose a beautiful silver and rose quartz coin pendant necklace you can find here and the Huggie Hoop silver bumble bee earrings available here

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