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Hey Guys! 

Since last year, I have been having my brows shaped and tinted at Benito Brow Bar (Find your nearest bar here) in my local Debenhams. Initially, I was ultra nervous as I’d never had my brows touched before because they are so fair and sparse that I’ve never felt the need to. But since having an expert from Benito work her magic with a tint and expert threading, I’ve realised it’s a necessary part of my beauty regime! It has helped make my brows look fuller and has halved the time spent shaping them with brow products. 

 So when Benito Brow Bar invited me to their Topshop launch in Birmingham I was beyond excited! To be recognised and approached by a brand you already adore is such an absolute honour. About a week and a half prior to the launch day, I had visited my local Benito for natural lash extensions and for my brows to be tinted. At the launch, there were Benito professionals on standby ready to give me the VIP treatment. My lashes were infilled with a more dramatic, curled lash and my brows were tidied up with a quick threading session. The Benito ladies always make me feel so at ease and relaxed, with the final result always looking fantastic. 

 My lashes will last for around another two weeks when they start to grow out with my natural lashes. I don’t apply any mascara to damage the lashes but I do where shadow and sometimes eyeliner. When I’m removing makeup, I make sure to use a non-oil based makeup remover so as not to effect the lashes. I try not to soak them when in the shower too so they don’t lose their lovely shape! 

 The afternoon in Topshop was spent with some other fantastic bloggers, an award winning MUA and the lovely Benito gang. It was lovely to catch up inbetween prosecco and candy floss cocktails! 

 My next Benito experience is going to be a lash lift, when all my natural lashes have shed and been removed I want to go with my natural lashes for a while. The Benito social media queen had hers lifted and they looked so beautiful! I cannot wait to not have the aggro of lash curlers everyday or applying falsies. 

Let me know your favourite lash and brow tips below

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