My Valentines Day

So this isn’t your typical Valentines Day post. I haven’t collated a list of best gifts for her, for him or my favourite date night places. Instead, I decided to put pen to paper and think about what I want this Valentines Day. 

 Everyday we put so much love into people, whether it be our loved ones, our family or our friends. Isn’t it easy to forget to love ourselves? After all, the relationship we have with ourselves is possibly the most important relationship we will ever have. If the relationship we have with ourselves isn’t solid, how can we ever expect to connect and let others in? 

Stop apologising. You don’t have to be sorry for the way you laugh, your annoying little habits or how you speak. Being yourself is nothing you need to apologise for. Accepting who you are is something we all need to do because this is it and it’s what is within us and makes us who we are. Start loving that laugh, the way you do things and your sense of humour. Embrace it and carry it in your heart.

 Whether you are single, in love or in that “complicated place”, here are my thoughts on how to practice self love on Valentine’s Day and every other day. 

Take A Break From Social Media 

Whether it’s twitter or Instagram, we can all be guilty of spending a little too much time on social media and forgetting about the here and now. Are we really absorbing memories or loving them through a screen? I have been combatting this feeling by simply logging out of apps. It’s refreshing and sometimes just setting your phone to Do Not Disturb allows you to think and be in the here and now. 

Treat Yourself

You don’t actually have to wait for that person to buy you that bracelet you wanted, or that box of chocolates you fancied indulging in. Buy yourself a gift, even if it’s a new tshirt or simply some flowers for your room. You deserve it. 


Remember the people around you who make you feel good and surround yourself with them. Buy them a valentines card and a flower to show them you appreciate them. Keep the people close to you who are like sunshine and absorb their sunlight. 

Go On A Date... With You!

Sometimes the best time for mindfulness is to be alone and take in your surroundings or thoughts. Take yourself to your favourite cafe or coffee shop, order a coffee and a cake. I love to do this and just watch the world go by with a notebook on my lap. Thoughts clear in my mind and I’m able to find my own little piece of relaxation where nobody can disturb it. 

You carry so much love in you heart, give some to yourself. 

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