Urban Decay Naked Skin Shapeshifter Contour Palette

Contouring is evolving and since it first became a trend a few years ago, it's now moving on from it's heavy baking, Instagram-stripes days. The future of contouring is about becoming more subtle, user friendly and everyday wearable. When I think of contour, I no longer thing of thick, dark lines or a heavy baking of powder under my eyes and cheekbones. Instead, I want a subtly sculpted, perfectly blended and blown out contour. 

Urban Decay Naked Skin Shapeshifter is a revolutionary contour palette that sculpts, colour-corrects and highlights. The palette is split into two halves, with one set of pans containing cream formulas and the second set of pans containing powder formulas. Separated by a sleek mirror, the palette is durable in a smoothe, plastic case and comes in two shade groups, Light Medium or Medium Dark.

 I have been enjoying using a cream base to contour and then setting it with a powder contour over the top for a while now, so to have all the products required for this in one handy palette, is quite frankly genius. I don't have to be concerned that the powders and creams will mix in the palette or create a mess because of the sleek design of the palette. I can throw it into my bag and not worry! 

 The cream contour shades are creamy and pigmented, making them a one-swipe dream that are easy to blend out. The formula isn't oily like some cream products sometimes tend to be and they don't slide around on the skin. 
 When using the powder shades - a little goes a long way! I tap my brush into the powder once and I still have to tap off the excess. The powders are pigmented to the heavens and blend like an absolute dream.
 At first, my opinion of the highlight was that it was far too subtle. But this was when I was comparing it to what I call " a blinding highlight", like the ones I use in my ABH palette. Whilst I'm reaching for a softer, more natural contour my highlight needs to match this so the pearl highlights have certainly grown on me. The shades give off just enough sheen and don't look overly wet or metallic, which some highlights tend to do. 

My Top Tips

  • The colour correct is perfect to apply under eyes before concealer, in the inner corners to banish any blue tones.
  • Medium Contour is perfect as a crease colour to tie in with the rest of the face. 
  • I like to sweep the contour shade up to my temples and into my forehead to create a blended, seamless look.
  • As well as down the centre of my nose, tops of cheekbones and Cupid's bow, the highlight shades are great for the inner corners of eyes. 
  • The yellow-toned powder is great for dusting under the eyes with a small blending brush, to lightly set concealer.   
Below picture taken after using the palette
The palette can be found here for £39.50

Has anyone else been loving this palette?

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