Vegan Chocolate Making with Indigo Herbs

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Hope you're all having an ace weekend! 
This Sunday has been a really relaxed one and the weather hasn't been particularly great. So I figured it would be a great day to make some tasty vegan 

 Indigo Herbs are a company that believe in wholistic living and want to help us in our journey to a healthier mind, body and soul. They supply organic and eco aware products such as aromatherapy products, free-from baking and herbal teas, to name a few products available from their extensive range. 

The chocolate kit I received contains the following:
• Organic Cacao Powder
• Organic Cacao Butter
• Organic Raw Agave Nectar
• Pure Organic Raw Vanilla Powder
• Secret Recipe card to create the perfect chocolate 

  The kit contains enough ingredients to make 20 small bars of chocolate and you can also add fruit, nuts and other flavours to create interesting combinations. I decided to add hazelnuts into some of the chocolates and cranberries packed into others!

 Raw cacoa has many health perks and contains almost four times the antioxidant content of regular dark chocolate, and also is packed with protein, calcium and magnesium.

Other benefits of raw organic cacao
  • 40 x the antioxidants of blueberries
  • The highest plant based source of iron 
  • Magnesium which contributes to a healthy heart & brain
  • Contains more calcium than cows milk 
  • Naturally releases happy endorphins 
  • Can be used to make desserts, smoothies or to coat tasty fruit snacks! 
 So what's the process for making these delicious chocolates? It's actually pretty easy (even for a kitchen novice like myself!) 

  1.  Melt the raw cacoa butter over a bowl of boiling water.
  2. Once the cacoa butter has melted, add the raw organic vanilla extract and stir until its mixed in completely. 
  3. Then add the raw organic cacoa powder and mix until smoothe. 
  4. Pour in the agave syrup and mix together until the mixture is runny.
  5. Spoon or pour the mixture into moulds. 
  6. Add nuts, fruit or anything else that takes your fancy then pop them into the fridge of freezer to set.
All done!

 I popped the chocolates into a box and handed them out to family and friends. The chocolates were soon polished off and I can't wait to experiment again with new flavours.  You can find the kit here along with other amazing products from their range! 

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