Skinny Tan Limited Edition Rose Gold 7 Day Tanner



Just when I thought my rose gold obsession couldn’t grow anymore, I discovered that I can now shine to the heavens with a rose gold glow. The creators at Skinny Tan have developed a limited edition rose gold tan that lasts for seven days, beginning with an instant bronzing effect but leaving behind a beautiful, medium tan. Aside from having an extensive range of tanning products that work and are affordable, they are also vegan and cruelty free. Not only does the tan leave you golden, but £2 from each bottle purchased will go to the Marie Curie charity which supports nurses throughout the UK who care for people living with a terminal illness and their families.




What’s The Lowdown?

  • 2 in 1 bronzer and developing tan
  • Contains a beautiful rose gold shimmer
  • Long lasting, streak free 7 day tan
  • Leaves a beautiful glow to the skin
  • Packed with skin loving ingredient Sweet Almond Oil
  • Visibly helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite 
  • Skinny Tan is suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans 

In all my years of tanning (and there have been a fair few!), I can honestly say that I haven’t ever used or seen a product like this one. A tan that looks instantly glowing and leaves a shimmer to the skin but continues to develop throughout the day, leaving behind a long lasting, medium tan. It’s simply a genius idea from the gang at Skinny Tan, so thanks for being innovators! 



Last weekend I actually wore the tan to a wedding and had applied the tan in the morning after showering with the Pre- Tan Primer. The primer is very creamy and yet still manages to remove any stubborn last traces of tan that was remaining. The tan wasn’t rinsed away until later in the evening, so had been on longer than 6 hours and upon showering, the bronze shimmer washed away leaving behind a beautiful, medium depth tan. The following day I had a BBQ to attend, so after my morning shower I applied the Afterglow Gloss, which leaves skin smelling what can only be described as sweet and fresh, but also leaves behind a heavenly sheen to the skin. It’s a must to use every day to maintain that glow!

 Here is the rose gold shimmer with bronzer when first applied 



How I Apply The Tan In 4 Easy Steps

  1. I exfoliate in the shower using my Skinny Tan Pre-Tan Primer and Skinny Tan Exfoliating Mitt, which contains a rougher side for tough areas like elbows and knees and a more gentle side for all over exfoliation
  2. Once out of the shower and dry, I ensure my hair is pinned up and I begin from the bottom up, squeezing a 50p size amount onto my Skinny Tan Dual Sided Mitt (which may I add, is the most luxurious, velvet-soft tan mitt I have ever used). The guideline colour is foolproof!
  3. I then gently rub the tan into my skin using circular motions, remembering when applying to knees and elbows to keep them bent to avoid unsightly crease marks where the tan can settle. 
  4. Usually I sleep in my tan, but with this tan I can apply it and go about my daily business, then in the evening rinse away the beautiful guideline bronze to reveal my medium 7 day tan (I have also slept in this overnight and I achieved the same effects).

You can pick up your bottle of Skinny Tan Limited Edition Rose Gold 7 Day Tanner here where it is currently on offer for £16.65 (RRP £24.99) 

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