I painted a unicorn and he liked it!

Good Evening Everyone!

This weekend I had such fun in Earlswood, Warwickshire visiting a craft centre and eating a lovely pub lunch. The weather was finally representing something spring-like and the sunshine even made a little appearance. Here's what I got up to.

Barn Studio Ceramics is a fun environment where you can paint your chosen ceramics before returning to collect your pottery once it has been fired and glazed. Earlswood Lakes Craft Centre is where you can find the studio, located within a small village including other areas of interest including a barbers, a tea room and an old fashioned sweet shop.

When we arrived, we were greeted and shown to the room where we could choose our ceramic item. There was so many sweet items to choose from, from rabbits and cats, to piggy banks and teacups, I was entirely spoilt for choice. After agonising over my decision for around 15 minutes, I decided on a cute chunky, seated unicorn that I wanted so I could paint him different pastel colours.

One of the lovely ladies who worked at the centre gave me an example of a complete pony, painted and glazed that I could use for inspiration - I highly doubt mine will look that good when it's finished but we sure can hope, and I will love him just the same!
It was fascinating discovering different painting techniques and how various colours will create different effects once fired and glazed. The whole experience was so calming and de-stressing, I would recommend it to anyone, even if you don't have children it is something to brighten up a rainy afternoon. My unicorn cost just £12.50 and that includes the cost of the item, it being painted and fired then glazed. Next weekend I can go and pick him up, so keep an eye on my social media to see how he turns out! 

After all the hard work and feeling creatively drained, we all went for a lovely lunch at local pub The Bulls Head Earlswood.  I opted for a tasty halloumi and vegetable "hanging kebab" which came complete with a garlic sauce you pour into the top of the hanging kebab and it drips down, coating the entire thing. It was super tasty and the dessert of white chocolate and raspberry creme brulee that followed was just as delicious. Inside this pub it all felt very relaxed and the staff were friendly and oh so helpful!

I had a lovely day out and these two made my day even brighter. Hope you all had fun-filled weekends too and have a wonderful week ahead. 

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