NutriBuddy Week 1 & Smoothie Recipe

Hey Guys! 

So this is my second week of using my NutriBuddy 14 Day Weight Loss Kit and I want to share my thoughts of how I'm finding the regime. 

The pack I received contained sculpting whey in Vanilla which I have been having for breakfast as a shake or smoothie. Although you can take the shake as a healthy treat during the day in replacement of crisps or chocolate, it can also be used as a meal replacement. As opposed to starting my morning with my usual two pieces of toast, three scoops of sculpting whey added to almond milk is what I opt for. After day one, I decided to branch out into the recipe book and recreate my own smoothies from the NutriBuddy recipe book

 Below is my take on a berry smoothie, using inspiration from the recipe book from my kit and simply tweaking the recipe to my taste. 

Sophie's NutriBreakfast Smoothie

30ml (3 scoops) of Vanilla Scultping Whey 
100ml Almond Milk
3 tbsp of Dairy free fat free yoghurt 
A handful of frozen berries 

Simply whiz for a minute in a blender or food processor and ta-da! So quick and tasty, topped off with a raspberry it's delicious. 

 Aside from swapping up my breakfast routine, I have simply been making healthy choices throughout the day. During my working day I have been taking a tumbler to the office to ensure I take in my two litres of water per day. With breakfast I take my NutriBuddy multivitamin and before each meal I take 1-2 hunger fix capsules dependent on how I'm feeling that day. 

 NutriBuddy is very simple to follow and not at all restrictive. During week one I have noticed a change to my skin, with it not feeling as dry or blemished but the greatest improvement is that I no longer have that sluggish, bloated feeling in my tummy. 

 Week one with my NutriBuddy has left me feeling energetic and without that mid afternoon slump. A great kickstart to my year and I am starting as I mean to go on. 

If you too would like to give NutriBuddy a go you can by clicking here

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