March Birchbox and How I spent my points!

No posts in a long time - neglecting my little blog!

So I thought I would share the goodies I received in my March subscription of Birchbox.

The March box is all about discovering your beauty must haves and all packaged in a quirky little word search box.
The postman arrived this morning and it is always super exciting to open the package and see what products I have received.

Lanolips Antibacterial Hand Cream |RRP £9.99

This is the product I was probably most excited for - however lame that may seem! I am a huge lover of antibac and always have it on my desk when I'm working, so the idea of an antibacterial hand cream is genius!
The packaging is pretty and the product itself is light, not very heavily scented.

Crea-m Antiaging Serum |RRP £33.90

This boasts " like an instagram filter in a bottle". I applied this underneath my moisturiser after cleansing and like the idea of using a serum daily to give my dry skin the surge of moisture it needs.
At 25 years old I am noticing a difference in my skin so this may be something I add into my daily skincare routine - not convinced by the price tag..
Amika Nourishing Mask |RRP £19.99
Hair masks are something I use each time I wash my hair - so every three days. I always welcome a good hair mask!

ModelCo More  Brows |RRP £13
Doctor Duave Anti Aging & Firming Eye Cream| RRP £115
So first and foremost, I received the more brows product in a previous beauty subscription (not Birchbox) and was sent medium - dark shade which I subsequently gave away as it was no use to me at all. The shade I received in Birchbox is light to medium so props to Birchbox for sticking to the details on my beauty profile!
UHHHHM.. £115 for an eye cream to me is unjustifiable. However, I will enjoy testing this and see if it beats my £10 drugstore eye cream.

Arrow Boost Colour Enhancing Lip Balm |RRP £11
This product will definitely be a re-purchase when it is all used up.
The idea behind this is super scientific and technical - it adjusts to your pH balance and creates a perfect shade for you on your lips. I love this product and think it is so easy to throw in my makeup bag.
Very impressed and love the fact this is paraben-free, vegan brand.

Preview for the April box indicates we may be receiving some stationery - my fave!

What I spent my £30 Birchbox Points on! 


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