Superdrug Pick & Mix!

Firstly, I know it has been over 6 months since my last post. I honestly have neglected my little blog! So I thought I would post a little update on a recent shopping trip to Superdrug!
 For some reason, I always seem to bypass Superdrug and head for Boots. This is probably because I have a Boots card and like to collect my points. However, sometimes products are cheaper in Superdrug and there are some great brands that are only available in Superdrug!

I must admit, when I first heard about  Youtuber Zoella's new beauty range I wasn't overly sucked in by it. So the packaging is cute but do the products live up to the hype? Her stand in Superdrug caught my eye, all the cute looking bath fizzers and body mists. On browsing the reduced stand, I spied a Zoella body scrub from her new summer collection... Marked at £2! For that price it would have been rude not to. At the till, I double checked the price as the product seemed in fine condition. It was reduced from £7 to £2 all because of an easily wipeable smear on the lid!

This scrub smells beautiful and unlike a lot pf scrubs, isn't wet and slushy when you try and scoop out a handful of product. It is thick and has an almost wax feeling. Has a real high end feel and smells fresh.

This is a brand that I think may be exclusive to Superdrug. I think it is called Limited Edition. The packaging really caught my eye, covered in sweets and adorning names like "Vanilla Fudge" and "Lemon Sorbet" I could not resist. The dry shampoo was a snip at 99p and dry shampoo is something that runs out in no time at all. It has a fresh clean lemon scent and I think it's a lovely brand. They also do shampoos and conditioners ( I spied one in pear drops scent!)

I normally use a blonde friendly shampoo when I wash my hair but I do find them fairly heavy and quite drying on my hair.

Sometimes, I just enjoy a basic, nice scented shampoo and conditioner. Although many cheaper brands are packed full of silicons, they make my hair feel soft and clean, which is what we all want right?

The new Herbal Essence rose scented range for coloured hair is spot on for days when I just want a basic hair wash and nothing too fancy, but beautiful soft, rose scented hair.

The best comes last... You may or may not have heard of Makeup Revolution, a budget makeup brand available in Superdrug. Available from this brand is an amazing blush palette which was sadly out of stock (typical!)

So instead, I went for one of their highlighters, a lipstick and a makeup setting spray.

I was particularly impressed with the highlighter in Pink Lights, for £3, (YES, £3) it is a wonderful pigmented powder which rivals some high end highlighting products I have used. Applied on the tops of cheeks, down the center of the nose and along the brow bone, this gives a lovely wet look and not at all sparkly or glittery.

The lipstick I picked up in the shade Nude and was a snip at just £1. Not matte but not sheer or glossy, a nice inbetween for days when you just want a clean, nude lip.

The makeup setting spray comes in a bottle complete with a beautiful rose gold detailing. It distributes a light mist and didn't make my face overly wet. I believe this kepy my makeup on for that little longer, with no cakey residue.

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