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The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter £12 for 90ml 

A Quick Overview

For some time, I had been agonising over the range of cleansing balms available and I'd had my heart set on a specific, slightly higher end balm. Then I discovered this and any longing I had once felt went away. 

This "butter" is a cleansing balm that can be used across the whole face to remove makeup, and it certainly does a brilliant job. It is slightly on the greasier side, which for me is ideal as I suffer with drier skin, but perhaps people with oilier skin should be on the cautious side. However, on the label this says it is suitable for all skin types. There is no scent there particularly, although the product contains camomile and shea butter it is not heavily scented, just rather fresh. 

Applying the product and removal
The texture of this butter is rather different to other balms I have seen out there, with more of a hard, almost difficult to scoop texture (think of butter or lard).  The fact it is more solid is a blessing, as with the lighter more cream-like balms, you can tend to be a little more wasteful and scoop more product out. As soon as the product hits my hands, I work it into the tips of my fingers to let the heat melt it slightly to make it more manageable. Using no more than a pound coin sized amount, I massage the butter across my face and slightly down my neck. The butter can be removed with a muslin cloth, but I don't find the amount I use and the fact it turns to an oil consistency, warrants me using one. I just go ahead and splash my face with warm water, finishing with a cold splash so my skin is left soft and supple. 

Overall opinion?
Once my makeup is all removed and I apply my evening cream, I am left with the softest skin, feeling clean with no trace of any makeup or residue. I have to say once again my skin type is dry/very dry and I do not suffer with acne or spots. On looking through the ingredients within the butter, they may not all be suitable for people prone to acne or spots, alongside oilier skins. The butter contains no mineral oils but it does contain a synthetic wax. Furthermore, ethylhexyl palmitate is not a great ingredient for acne prone or combination skin. Read more about that ingredient Here

Verdict 8/10 

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