My Favourite Summer Glow

So as the Summer is most definitely upon us and the legs are making more appearances, I feel I should have a talk about my two favourite Self Tans.
Now, I must say that tanning products are a very personal thing and just because a product works well for me, it may not for you. It is a matter of trial and error, seeing what works best for your skin. Out of all the self tanners I have tried over the years, these are the two that for me, stand out from the rest.

St.Tropez Self Tan Dark Mousse 200ml RRP £33 Find it here from Boots
I have been using St. Tropez since I was in my mid teenage years, normally the usual self tan in the white bottle. However, during the summer I like a strong, dark tan and for me this is the most wonderful mousse on the market. I adore the ease of application with this mousse, it applies in a fairly dark colour so you can see any errors you have made instantly.
 It dries quickly, which means I can have it applied and dried in about 15 minutes! I apply the mousse with a St. Tropez mitt which is the same as any other mitt I have used, so not absolutely necessary for the product, but I would recommend using a mitt for application.
 Now, I am aware that some people wash in the shower a few hours after using this, but doing that has only ever caused disaster in my experience! The bottle certainly says wait 4-12 hours before showering, and I would say I normally apply this at night, then shower the next morning. Once you have rinsed in the shower, you are left with the most velvety, wonderful dark colour. This lasts around 4-5 days in my experience and I would normally apply this 1-2 times a week.
 I don't really notice a smell with this tan and I never seem to go patchy when I wear this. All round super tan from St. Tropez with this beauty.
Fake Bake 60 minute tan 236ml RRP £25 Find it here from Boots
The Fake Bake products were new to me up until last year when I first tried this self tan liquid. Liquid I hear you say? It is a lot less troublesome than it sounds! The tan comes in a little box, complete with a pink mitt and black rubber gloves. The black gloves are to be applied under the mitt (I am still undecided if I like this addition or not). The spray has a lovely smell, like holidays, cocktails and tropical after-sun. I spray the mist directly into the mitt and rub it into my skin. It shows up, but not as much as the mousse.
 This product is more instant and gives a glow in just 60 minutes. After those 60 minutes, you can check the colour and if you wish, wait another hour or two until showering (it is not recommended to leave this product longer than 3 hours). It's ideal if you have an event the same day and need a tan fix quickly. I like the fact you can control the level of colour, almost making it a 3 in 1 product.
 Very lovely scent, leaves a delicious glow to the skin but not as intense as the St. Tropez mousse.
I will make a few small suggestions:-

* Do not shave legs before applying tan, the tan will settle into the pores

*Ensure you use a light lotion that is not heavy, St. Tropez and Fake Bake both do great ones

* A
lways bend arms when rubbing tan into the inner elbow and the same with behind the knee. The product will settle there unnaturally otherwise
* If tanning the face, always wipe eyebrows with a cotton bud - especially fair ladies!
* I use rough shower gloves to gently exfoliate every other day, to ensure the tan fades gradually and doesn't become patchy.

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