Hello and thank you for stumbling upon Sophie Scribbles. This is a space where I share product thoughts, write about my life and places I have travelled to. 

I'm 27 years old, Vegetarian and reside in the West Midlands, UK. 

Discovering new places and falling in love with them, discovering new Netflix gems and going for a little Starbucks happen to be a few of my favourite pastimes.

A few of my favourite things include; stationery, skincare, avocados, my Instax instant camera and pizza.

Sophie Scribbles was created in 2014 and was a creative outlet for me after graduating from university. (I studied Media & Communications).

Where did the name come from you say? Since I can remember, my twitter handle has always been Sophie Scribbles. It basically is what I do when I pen my thoughts in a notebook or in a tweet. I scribble down all he words and feelings whizzing through my mind.

Feel free to get cosy, grab a cup of tea and have a browse.

Sophie xo