17 February 2018

Look after your hair AND the planet

Hey Guys!

The older I get, the more aware I become about the damage we do to the planet on a daily basis and ways I can reduce that footprint. One thing I won’t do is slap a label on myself in terms of being vegetarian or vegan. From day one I was raised vegetarian and have never worn leather either. The more I’ve learnt about the dairy industry and how animals are exploited I have aimed to reduce the amount of animal derived produce I consume - mainly dairy and eggs (without calling myself “vegan” because the spectrum is so vast - and people get super serious about the whole thing). Alongside this, I am trying to use beauty products that are vegan but also better for my skin or hair. 

 Eco Cosmetics have very kindly hooked me up with two of their top haircare picks and I’m ultra excited. The idea of discovering a new product that is both kind to me and the planet makes me happy. 

Eco Cosmetics Hair Mousse | £9.95 | 100ml | Find it 

This is my step 1! Not only is this product incredibly light, but it smells like sheer heaven. Enriched with hair strengthening Goji Berry and moisture boosting Pomegranate, this mousse really is great for leaving hair shiny and also full of body. 
 Some hair mousses I have previously tried have left my hair crunchy, but this left my hair soft to the touch. I use two pumps and separate the amount between my two sections of hair, concentrating on the roots and mid lengths. 

Eco Cosmetics Hairspray | £9.95 | 150ml | Find it 

It’s kind of a big deal for me to use hairspray and yes that may sound odd, but I actually hate my hair feeling crispy, weighed down or greasy. This is probably one of the only hairsprays I have tried that doesn’t leave my hair feeling disgusting, or leave me wanting to grab my shampoo. 

 This product also has additional Jojoba and Sesame oil to lock in moisture but also hold my hair in place. Sometimes I get annoying little sections near the front of my hair, close to the root that will wave and kink. So this spray is ideal for calming these down!