25 December 2017

Personalised Canvas from Photowall Review

Hey guys! 

http://www.photowall.co.uk are an online store that offer various printed products that you can customise using your own images. You can opt for wall murals or canvas prints and they are a wonderful option for a personalised gift. Prices for a personalised canvas start from only £38 and you can crop and edit your image directly via the website to ensure it fits the canvas as you prefer. 

My favourite aspects of my personal printed canvas:
  • Flat pack and simple to assemble
  • Clear, high quality image on the canvas
  • Easy customisation process
  • Choose how you want the image to fit the canvas
  • Various sizes available
The assembly process:
  1. Remove the canvas, the wood segments and bracket structures from the box.
  2. Spread the canvas onto a flat, smoothe surface and mark 12mm from each corner of the canvas 
  3. Within the marked sections, peel the sticky back from the pieces of wood and position on all four sides of the canvas. 
  4. Turn each piece of  wood onto its sides so one side of each block is coated in the canvas.
  5. Add the brackets with the easy screw bolts to the holes on the wood.
  6. Hang your New canvas! 
Below are the super easy fastenings on the back of the canvas - no tools required! 

Uploading your image on the Photowall website is quick and easy, you upload directly to the website and crop the image to suit the canvas. Overall it’s a very efficient platform to edit and request you print. 

Below is a screenshot taken from http://www.photowall.co.uk

 The image I opted for is a shot I took in April directly from my iPhone 7 whilst on holiday in Italy, Verona. The depth to this picture alongside the colour and even movement of the water,make this one of my favourite photos. It’s evident when looking at the image it rekindles feelings of warmth and happiness, so I have this canvas as a constant reminder of a wonderful place. 

 During the customisation process, you’re able to opt for the image to fit to the edges of the canvas or to wrap around the canvas so the image continues onto the edges (I opted for the latter). The website also gives you a handy little preview of what the canvas will look like and where it will sit in the canvas. I opted for a 90x90 canvas and it is quite large so have a think about where it will hang prior to choosing the canvas size. 

 Overall the canvas from Photowall is strong, simple to put together and the canvas itself depicts a very clear image of my chosen photograph. The simplicity of the entire process made it enjoyable and my canvas arrived swiftly after ordering. 

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