26 November 2017

The Gift of Memories with Saal Digital Photobook Review

Photo books are a wonderful idea to showcase memories and images that are meaningful to you or to a loved one. Saal Digital offer a fantastic alternative to a photo album, a fully customisable photobook. The design ideas that you’re able to create are extensive and they are so versatile, depending on what theme you’re going for. Let’s take a look at the book!

The cover is hardback and fairly thick, which I enjoy because it feels more solid and I know it isn’t flimsy or going to damage the inside pages when placed on a bookshelf. One of the most enjoyable aspects of creating the book myself was designing the cover. The lyrics resonate in me and I thought the night sky fits with the words I chose for the cover.

 Inside, you’ll find a great quality paper and the pages aren’t too glossy which I like, they’re almost semi matte. The layout itself is impressive and using the  Pro-Zone within the Saal website enables you to  easily design a template and customise the pages as you wish. The ease of creating the photobook was far easier than I’d initially anticipated.

One of the key aspects of the Saal photobook that sets it apart from an ordinary photo album is the flatlay spread feature allows you to spread the image across two pages, eliminating that little annoying centre fold cutting away half of the image. 

The delivery was very efficient and I was updated via email throughout the entire delivery process. Considering the package had to come from Germany it reached me in around 5 days from when I placed my order. 

You can discover photo books and other customisable products over at http://www.saal-digital.co.uk/