5 September 2017

Take Care Of Your Hair With Roots

Every so often, my haircare regime stops working it’s magic on my locks and requires a shakeup. Using the same shampoo, conditioner and styling products can leave my hair feeling lacklustre. It’s almost as though my hair becomes resilient to products after a couple of months. That’s when I know I need to switch up the products I’m using!

 Roots is an innovative, new haircare line which addresses several hair needs in one handy bottle. Often with haircare containing caring ingredients, we can sometimes forfeit the styling aspect of having shiny or thicker hair, for example. Roots leaves you with beautiful, manageable hair whilst the products promote hair growth and stronger hair follicles with each wash. 


Roots Features:


·Contains Procapil – derived from natural ingredients 

·A combination of a vitaminated matrikine with apigenin oleanolic acid from olive tree leaves.

·Strengthens hair as well as preventing hair loss

·Sulphate & Paraben free 

·Cruelty Free

·Vegan Friendly

I opted for the hair package for Oily roots (find it herewhich contains Extreme Clean ShampooHair Growth Conditioner and Intensive Spray. This is tailored to my hair as I suffer from an oily scalp, but I tend to have drier ends. Roots also have packages and products available for sensitive scalps or dandruff-prone hair too! 

Upon receiving my Roots package, I had a good read through the instructions before jumping in the shower to put the products to the test!

Shower Time!


The packaging gets a thumbs up from me, I’m definitely a fan of the white, minimal packaging and was happy that the pull-off lid contains a flip cap underneath (ensuring no messy leaky bottles). My initial thought was how strong the scent was – a strong, tea tree smell that isn’t too overpowering, but does smell somewhat medicinal. As I have matured, my scent taste has changed and I don’t mind the more herbal scents, sometimes more so than a sickly, chemical smell. 

 Starting at the base of my scalp, I worked the shampoo from the nape of neck upwards, ensuring I had reached fully underneath my hair to make sure the hair is totally clean. Once my hair was rinsed, I applied the conditioner from the mid-lengths through to the ends, leaving it to soak in for around 2-3 minutes. The tea tree scent was still there but not as strong as the shampoo, but as I say I didn’t find it too offensive. As I rinsed the conditioner, my hair felt noticeably softer and tangle-free. I popped my hair up into a hair turban and let it down once I had moisturised, after around 10-15 minutes. 

 The final steps involved the Intensive Spray, which I spritzed directly into the roots of my hair so it can get to work boosting hair growth and thickness. Highly concentrated with 3% Procapil, it fortifies and thickens hair follicles. 


After roughly blow drying my hair from about 80% dry, my hair felt far more manageable and soft without the need for me to use straighteners too! 


Below is my hair simply blasted with my hairdryer with a nozzle on a cool setting.

 Have you tried Roots?


They are available now in Superdrug and online