15 August 2017

That's a wrap! Jamberry nails review

Hi Everyone, 


I’m back to work after my holiday and feeling refreshed! Hopefully you’re all having a top week. 

My nails are naturally quite long, but I like to keep them short as the daily hardships of hairwashing, the gym and even typing at work can break them, but also leave nail varnish chipped. Keeping them short means they’re easier to maintain and won’t break. But I must admit, I sometimes feel they don’t look as pretty as they could when they’re short and without polish can leave me feeling like I have sausage fingers. When I do paint them, I go with neutral or nude shades as they easily fit with any outfit I wear. 

 Jamberry nail wraps are a chic and easy way to have pretty, neat looking nails without the damage of acrylics or gel nails. Now, I say the “damage” as I have previously tried both at various points in the past and have found my nails to be weaker and more brittle after acrylic or gel. Wraps are a great way to change It up and can be swapped and changed easily. When I received my Jamberry wraps, I was intrigued and definitely wanted to have a play. I decided to opt for an accent nail instead of a full set of wraps on each nail. This way, I can still go with my comfortable nude shade but have an accent nail alongside it, to add some interest. 


I am going to be brutally honest here. My previous experience with nail wraps hasn’t been great so I was sceptical.. Peeling, tearing and resulting in me pulling them off before they’re even on. My experience with Jamberry went far smoother. 

What do I need?

·         Jamberry nail wraps

·         Alcohol wipe 

·         Nail polish (optional)

·         Nail file 

·         Nail scissors/Nail clippers 

·         Cuticle stick/Orange stick


Here is how I got on and the steps I took to ensure smooth application and longevity


1.       Using the alcohol wipe, I prepped my chosen nails to ensure they were clean. I clipped my nails and filed them to the desired shape. I then buffed them gently with a nail buffing tool. I also gently pushed my cuticles back. 

2.       Choose the nail wrap most appropriate for the nail in question. It’s fairly easy to gage just by holding near the nail, then I cut to size. Pick it up using the orange stick.

3.       Blast the hairdryer on the sticky side of your wrap for around 3 -5 seconds without overheating, then carefully place the wrap as close to the base of the nail bed as you can.

4.        Press down into place using the orange stick, smoothing down the edges as you go to ensure no lumps and bumps.

5.       Trim any access wrap away using nail scissors and then file off any wrap that’s remaining using a downward action. 

6.       Apply heat and also pressure to the nail, until the wrap is bonded to the nail. 

Removal was simple, and involved me soaking the nails in remover for approximately 30 seconds. The wrap then peels away easily! My wraps have lasted around 5- 6 days before I noticed some peeling around the edges. I'm super pleased with how they've lasted and the variety available. 

You can find them here  https://lailasamson.jamberry.com/

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