18 May 2017

Rootflage First Impressions

We all experience that annoying period where we are waiting for our hair appointment and feel like our hair looks completely awful – I certainly do! There always comes that annoying stage where my roots start to take over and are more visible throughout my hair. Root concealing is something I haven’t really explored too much other than a dry shampoo with a tint of colour. 

Rootflage is a camouflaging touch up powder for your hair and comes in a tub, complete with handy brush applicator attached. You receive 10 grams of product for $21.99 and you can find it here

Creator Lucy Williamson was kind enough to send me two products from her fantastic range to test out and I am so thankful that she did! I can’t imagine getting through the in-between stage of hair appointments without my Rootflage. Here’s the products I received and how I got on!

Cool Blonde Temporary Root Touch Up Hair Concealer $21.99 (approx. 17 GBP) 

The website description confirms this shade is best for “sandy blonde or beige toned highlights” which is perfect for my hair. There are a whole heap of other blonde shades to suit every tone and also reds, brunettes and other pastel tones. 

Cotton Candy Pink Temporary Root Touch Up Pastel Hair Colour  $21.99 (approx. 17 GBP)

Cotton Candy Pink  is ideal for people who are looking to add a flash of colour to their light, blonde toned or grey hair or someone who already has a pink tone in their hair. I sometimes use a pink pastel shampoo to add a pink tone to my hair, so I was intrigued to see the look this gave and to work on creating different looks on my hair. 


What Rootflage Claims:

1.       Instant 
2.       Easy
3.       Non- Damaging
4.       Adds Volume 
5.       Saves Money & Time 

Did Rootflage Manage To Live Up to The Claims?


As you can see, the product gives immediate results on my hair and gets to work on covering those roots! Currently, I am due my half head of foils at the hair salon soon so they are looking quite visible at the moment but Rootflage does a pretty good job at covering the darker area!

The application itself is so simple and easy! The product is contained within a screw tube with a medium sized pink brush attached. The powder is then released from a small hole in the center of the brush and so the powder can be applied with precision and ease. Ensure to cover clothes and surrounding areas because it can be messy – especially vibrant colours!

Taking a section of hair, I hold it out and place my hand underneath the hair as I dust the product gently into the root of that section of hair. Simple! I even received some clear plastic gloves to stop any product staining my hands and a tiny brush, so I can apply the product to more direct places in my hair if necessary. I found the tiny brush ideal to get any sly bits peaking through or to allow more precision near the route and all you need to do is unscrew the brush for access to the powder. I was a bit heavy handed to begin with and it took a couple of attempts to get it perfect and not looking messy near my scalp. I found using a card along my scalp helpful to keep it neat and along the line as opposed to just brushing it all over my scalp. If I did end up with a messy scalp, I used a q-tip to clean along the scalp parting. 

Rootflage is a mineral based product containing no harmful chemicals such as parabens or synthetic fragrances, making it ideal for use on my sensitive scalp.  Just like a dry shampoo or root volume boost product, Rootflage gives my hair a lift where it is most flat near the top of my head, making it appear fuller and in fact cleaner. 

I was SO impressed with the Cotton Candy shade and received compliments all day long when wearing it, people seemed to be even more intrigued when I told them it was a powder product! 

My verdict: 

How have I managed so long without Rootflage? It has made such a difference to my roots and I can just pop it into my bag instead of carrying around a hair colour palette or a heavy can of spray. There is a colour to suit everyone and it is definitely worth the money it will save between trips to the hairdressers! I am most definitely a convert and when I'm all out I will be ordering my refills!